Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala
 Shri. A. C. Moideen
Minister for Local Self Govt Dept
Dr. Divya S Iyer IAS
Mission Director


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State Employment Guarantee Council (SEGC)


      As per Section12(1) of the Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act, the Government of Kerala constituted a State Employment Guarantee Council (SEGC) for the purpose of regular monitoring and implementation of the Employment Guarantee Programme, vide GO(Rt) No.583/2006/LSGD dtd.01/03/2006.

Duties & Functions :

  1. advising  the State Government on all matters concerning the Scheme and its implementation in the State            
  2. determining the preferred works
  3. reviewing the monitoring and redressal mechanisms from time to time and recommending improvements
  4. promoting the widest possible dissemination of information about this Act and the Schemes under it
  5. monitoring the implementation if this Act and the schemes in the State and coordinating such implementation with the Central Council
  6. preparing the annual report to be laid before the State Legislative by the State Government
  7. power to undertake an evaluation of the scheme operating int he State and for that purpose to collect statistics pertaining to the rural economy and the implementation of the Schemes and programme in the State
  8. the State Government shall describe terms and conditions of the Chairpersons and Members of the State Employment Guarantee Council
  9. any other duty or function as may be assigned to it by the Central council or the State Government

20th SEGC  held on 11/05/2017

Agenda / Minutes

21st SEGC   held on 12/10/2017

Agenda / Minutes

22nd SEGC held on 07/02/2018

Agenda / Minutes

25th SEGC held on 05/02/2019


26th SEGC held on 29/08/2019


27th SEGC held on 30/01/2020