Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala
 Shri. A. C. Moideen
Minister for Local Self Govt Dept
Dr. Divya S Iyer IAS
Mission Director


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Govt of Kerala Orders

 Government Order No.       Date                               Abstract
G.O.(Rt). no. 1446/2020/LSGD  04.08.2020 Appointment of Finance Manager
G.O.(Rt). no. 1031/2020/LSGD  02.06.2020 Permission to spend money from Gramapanchayat general purpose fund for planting Saplings in Environment day.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1009/2020/LSGD 29.05.2020 Amendment and addition in Subhiksha Keralam Guidelines
G.O.(Rt). no. 86/2020/GAD 04.05.2020 Regulations and procedure for preventing COVID-19 spread.
G.O.(Rt). no. 65/2020/LSGD 22.04.2020 Guidelines for commencing works under MGNREGS in the COVID-19 context.
G.O.(Rt). no. 771/2020/LSGD  21.04.2020 Gramapanchayat can utilize general purpose fund to buy facemask and glouse for the workers working in COVID -19 context.
G.O.(Rt). no. 691/2020/LSGD  20.03.2020 Committee Constituted for appraisal of cluster facilitation Project 
G.O.(Rt). no. 332/2020/LSGD 07.02.2020 Reconstitution of  SEGC .
G.O.(Rt). no. 298/2020/LSGD 05.02.2020 Campaign Approach to prepare Bio-Organic Waste Collection as part of Sanitation waste management.
 no. 9833/EGSD/18/REGS  23.01.2020 Appointment of District Engineers
G.O.(Ms). no. 1/2020/LSGD 01.01.2020 Clarification regarding the role of LSGD Engineering Wing in the implementation of the scheme on the backdrop of Annual Master Circular 2019-20 
G.O.(Rt) No. 2959/2019/LSGD 30.12.2019 Follow up Guidelines for conducting Mission antyodoya Survey every year in the State.
G.O.(Rt). no. 2933/2019/LSGD 23.12.2019 Guidelines for Availing the services of Students and Teachers of Engineering Colleges for LSGs-
No.2165/EGSC/17/REGS 18.12.2019 Documention of Success Stories.
G.O.(Rt). no. 2753/2019/LSGD 04.12.2019 Harithakeralam Mission - Waste Management - District /State Review committee meeting of Task force - Orders
G.O.(M.S). no. 155/2019/LSGD 02.12.2019 Re-Constitute the Selection committee for Ombudspersons
G.O.(M.S). no. 153/2019/LSGD 30.11.2019 Method Appointment and qualification of AEs/Overseers in BP/GP.
G.O.(Rt). no. 2390/2019/LSGD 28/10/2019 Amendment Order of Order no.1654/2019/LSGD dated :01.08.2019
G.O.(Rt). no. 2160/2019/LSGD  01/10/2019 Extension of JPC and BPO Post
G.O.(Rt). no. 2056/2019/LSGD  24/09/2019 Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Social Audit Society-Amendment in Composition of Governing Body.
G.O.(Rt). no. 2004/2019/LSGD  18/09/2019 Reconstitution of  SEGC .
G.O.(Rt). no. 1780/2019/LSGD  17/08/2019 Amendment Order of Order no.1552/2019/LSGD dated :23.07.2019
G.O.(Rt). no. 107/2019/LSGD  22/08/2019 Creation of new post in State Mission Office and
District Offices.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1808/2019/LSGD   21/08/2019  Well Recharge - Unit cost - Clarification
G.O.(Rt). no. 1654/2019/LSGD  01/08/2019 Charge arrangement of Mission Director.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1635/2019/LSGD  30/07/2019 Annual Master Circular 2019-20 issued by Government of India – Certifications of provisions for the smooth improvement of the scheme in the State.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1552/2019/LSGD  23/07/2019 Wage revision of contract Staffs .
G.O.(Rt). no. 4116/2019/GAD  11/07/2019  Continuance of Ex-Cadre post of Mission Director.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1450/2019/LSGD  11/07/2019 Adminstrative Expenditure meet from BPs/GPs Own fund or General Purpose fund.
G.O.(Rt). no. 644/2019/SCSTD  05/07/2019  Tribal Plus - Administrative Sanction
G.O.(Rt). no. 1341/2019/LSGD  29/06/2019  Reconstitution of  SEGC .
G.O.(Rt). no. 1338/2019/LSGD  29/06/2019  GIS based integrated planning at GP level incorporating all permissible works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1313/2019/LSGD  27/06/2019  Travel allowance for SEGC members.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1302/2019/LSGD  26/06/2019  Travel allowance for mate.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1300/2019/LSGD  26/06/2019  ST Families in the Aralam farm is included in the Advance wages Scheme.
G.O.(Rt). no. 6996/Esst-C.2/2019/CRD 17/06/2019 Women welfare officers(EOWW) oversees MGNREGA Works.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1204/2019/LSGD  12/06/2019  Appoinment of Smt. Shainy.N as MGNREGA Engineer in State Mission.
G.O.(Rt). no. 811/2019/LSGD  05/04/2019  Full additional charge of Mission Director has been given to Additional Development Commissioner.
G.O.(Rt). no. 1966/2019/GAD  02/04/2019  Maternity Leave sanctioned for Smt. Divya S Iyer IAS, Mission Director and Charge arrangement order
G.O. (Rt). no. 633/2019/LSGD  15/03/2019  Joint Development Commissioner(RE) in State Mission  can Sanctioned the Amount upto 1 Lakhs
G.O. (Rt). no.339/2019/LSGD  16/02/2019

Change of ST nodal officer

No. 144/DD2/2017/LSGD  22/01/2019

 Cancellation of Ombudsman notification

G.O.(Rt)No.3159/2018/LSGD  17/12/2018

Formation of District Level Committees for non -DSR products rate in SECURE Software

 G.O.(Rt)No.2935/2018/LSGD  17/11/2018

Appoinment of Additional Development Commissioner

G. O. (MS) No. 34/2019/LSGD  07/03/2019

 Extension of JPC and BPO Post

 G.O.(Rt)No.162/2018/LSGD  08/11/2018

Creation of MGNREGS State Engineer

 G.O.(Rt)No.2384/2018/LSGD  06/09/2018  Appoinment of ST nodal officer
G.O.(MS) No. 75/2018/LSGD 30/05/2018  Advance wages for ST families in Wayanad District and Attappadi Block in Palakkad District
 G.O.(Rt)No.433/2018/SCSTD  28/03/2018  Corpus fund for advance payment of wages
G.O.(Rt)No.426/2017/SCSTD 28/03/2018 Kerala Tribal Plus
No.144/DD2/2017/LSGD 03/04/2018 Appointment of Ombudspersons
GO(Rt)No.254/2017/LSGD 15/12/2017 Procurement of materials - revised order
G.O.(Rt). no. 3989/2017/LSGD   12/12/2017  Well Recharge
GO(MS)No.155/2017/Agriculture 28/11/2017 Agriculture Dpt-Harithakeralam-Nursery Raising
GO(Rt)No.3805/2017/LSGD 25/11/2017 Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Social Audit Society-Appointment of Social Audit Director-Sanctioned-Orders
GO(Rt)No.3806/2017/LSGD 25/11/2017 Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Social Audit Society- Appointment of Social Audit Development Specialist and Social Audit Expert in Zone I –Sanctioned –Orders
GO(Rt)No.218/2017/LSGD 07/11/2017 Convergence with Forest Department-Revised Guidelines
GO(Rt)No.3602/2017/LSGD 07/11/2017 Establishment of office of Ombudsman-Selection Committee constituted
GO(Rt)No.3134/2017/LSGD 20/09/2017 Expenditure for Road construction in Mahatma Gandhi NREGS limited to 30% of total available fund
GO(Rt)No.3049/2017/LSGD 15/09/2017 AS for the implementation of SECURE Soft
GO(Rt)No.3025/2017/LSGD 11/09/2017 Central share release - 5th part of 1st Tranche
GO(Rt)No.2898/2017/LSGD 23/08/2017 Festival Allowance to Mahatma Gandhi workers who have completed 100 days in 2016-17
GO(Rt)No.162/2017/LSGD 19/08/2017 Work, Time & Motion Study report
GO(Rt)No.1117/2017/Industries 02/08/2017 Coir Geo Textiles-Constitution of Technical Committee
GO(Rt)No.1019/2017/Industries 19/07/2017 Constitution of Selection Committee for the implementation works using Coir Geo Textiles
GO(MS)No.144/2017/LSGD 15/07/2017 Constitution of Selection Committee for the selection of Social Auidt Resource Persons
GO(Rt)No.1998/2017/LSGD 16/06/2017 Working Group Schemes-Compensation for delay in payment of wages under MGNREGA - Administrative Sanction
GO(Rt)No.1997/2017/LSGD 16/06/2017 Working Group Scheme-Payment of unemployment allowance under MGNREGA - Administrative Sanction
GO(MS)No.97/2017/LSGD 16/05/2017 Guidelines for using Coir Geo textiles
GO(Rt)No.223/2017/LSGD 27/01/2017 Construction of Anganwadies under MGNREGA in convergence with ICDS
GO(MS)No.4-2017-LSGD 06/01/2017 SEGC Additional Members-GP-Block Association Secretaries
GO(MS)No.192-16-LSGD 19/12/2016 District level Advisory committee
GO(Rt)No.933/2016/WRD 29/11/2016 Water Resource Department-Taking up of Maintenance -rehabilitation of canals of Irrigation Department under MGNREGS
GO(Rt)No.3125/16/LSGD 17/11/2016 Taking up of maintenance/rehabilitation of canals of Irrigation Department under MGNREGS
GO(MS)No.161/16/LSGD 09/11/2016 Jalasubhiksha - Guidelines for Well-recharge
GO(Rt)No.2833/2016/LSD 05/10/2016 Guidelines for identification, training, deployment and payment of Barefoot Technicians
GO(Rt)No.2108/2016/LSGD 12/07/2016 Technical Sanction of works - TS committee
GO(Rt)No.1985/16/LSGD 24/06/2016  SEGC Order
GO(Rt)No.1640/16/LSGD 10/05/2016  SECURE roll out sanctioned
GO(Rt)No.118/2016/LSGD 12/01/2016 Construction of Playground, stadiam & other sports facilities
GO(Rt)No.3906/2015/LSGD 30/12/2015 Setting up of Social Audit Society