Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala
 Shri. A. C. Moideen
Minister for Local Self Govt Dept
Dr. Divya S Iyer IAS
Mission Director


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Govt of Kerala Circulars


Sl. Government Circular No Date Abstract
 1   No.2164/G/2019/NREGS 19.03.2020  Finalize 3 year action plan of GIS enabled GPs
 2  No.2164/G/2019/NREGS 24.01.2020 Terms to be followed when undertaking Construction works.
No.DD.2/445/2017/LSGD 16.12.2019 Terms to be followed when undertaking Construction works.
4 Circular No.314/C1/17/REGS 11.12.2019 Reservation for contract Staff.
5 Circular No.2161/E/19/REGS  25.11.2019 Actions to be taken with General Education Department.
6 Circular No.217/EGSE/19/REGS 18.11.2019 District Quality monitors
7 Circular No.439/B/2019/MGNREGS 11.11.2019  Guidelines for GIS based Plan.
8 Circular No.17232/EGS.4/2010/CRD 19/10/2019 Inspection of 2% works by State Level Officials under the Scheme
9 Circular No.102/EGSB/17REGS  11/10/2019 Convergence With Rubber Plantation
10  Circular No.231/DD2/2019/LSGD  26/08/2019 Taking up of irrigation related works
11 Circular No.DD2/334/2019/LSGD 10/10/2018 Labour Budget Preparation for 2020-21
12 Circular No.466/DD2/2018/LSGD  15/10/2018  Labour Budget Preparation for 2019-20 
13  Circular No.36/2018/Fin 26/04/2018 Execution of Public Works in the State- Submission of Reports to the Chief Technical Examiner- Clarification
14 Circular No.434/DD2/2017/LSGD 09/01/2018 Guidelines for Revising Watershed Master Plan
15 Circular No.DD2/448/2017/LSGD 23/11/2017 Setting Admin limit at various levels
16 Circular No.DD2/442/2017/LSGD 23/11/2017 Taking up of irrigation related works
17 Circular No.394/DD2/2017/LSGD 21/10/2017 Labour Budget Preparation for 2018-19
18 Circular No.394/DD2/2017/LSGD 18/09/2017 Conducting Grama Sabha
19 Circular No.140/DD2/2017/LSGD 31/07/2017 Role of Kudumbashree in the implementation of the Scheme
20 Circular No.279/DD2/2016/LSGD 05/10/2016 Preparation of Labour Budget for 2017-18
21  Circular No.Insp-Tech/16/2016/Fin 24/02/2016 Finance(Inspection Wing Technical)Department- Submission of Report to Chief Technical Examiner - Instructions 
22 Circular No.66791/DD2/14/LSGD 06/02/2015  Delay Compensation System