Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala
 Shri. A. C. Moideen
Minister for Local Self Govt Dept
Dr. Divya S Iyer IAS
Mission Director


Daily Report


State Specific Schemes

Success Story


Sl.No. Number Date Abstract
1 Order no.692/EGS D/19/REGS 30/08/2019 Formation of Grievance cell
2 No.885/EGS C/16/REGS -- Implementation Strategy FY 2018-19
3 Minutes of Video Conference held on 29/01/2018
4 Minutes of Good Governance Meeting held on 12/01/2018
5 Minutes of Meeting of JPCs held on 05/01/2018
6 Letter No.4175/EGS C/16/REGS  20/12/2017  Entry of Demands in MIS 
Letter No.4175/EGS C/16/REGS  09/06/2017
7 Letter no.428/EGS B/2017/REGS 06/10/2017 1. Instructions to JPC(Coir Kerala-17) 2. Agreement 
8 Letter No. J2/34102/17 05/10/2017 Coir Kerala 2017 instruction
9 Proposal from Director, NCMRI regarding Coir Geo Textiles
10 No.4175/EGSC/12/REGS 30/08/2017 Generation of Muster rolls-Directive
11 Circular No.1417/EGS C/2013/CRD(Part-I) 24/07/2017 DSC Management & Timely payment of Muster rolls
12 Circular No.885/EGS C/16/REGS 18/07/2017 Material Expenditure at the ratio of 60:40 at GP level
13 Circular No.885/EGS C/16/REGS 31/03/2017 Implementation Strategy for the FY 2017-18

Letter No.4175/EGS C/16/REGS

Letter No.4175/EGS C/12/REGS


Demand Issue - Lr. to GP President

Demand Issue - Lr. to GP Secretary

15 Circular No.957/EGS B/16/REGS 03/12/2016 Roll out of SECURE Soft-Guidelines
16 Letter No.4175/EGS C/16/REGS 01/10/2016 Demand issue - Instructions